What is that 'Make an Offer' feature?

Not enough budget for a course you want? Maybe you just love to make deals!  In either case our Make an Offer feature gives you the opportunity to name your own price.  Try it out, you might get lucky, just keep in mind it can take up to 1 full business day to get a response!


How it works:

1. You must be logged in before you can make an offer.  If you are not logged in, the system will prompt you do so, or to create a profile, as part of the offer process.

2. You enter the price you are willing to pay.

3. Next you can offer up a great reason why the training company should accept your offer.

4. Give up you name, phone number and email.

5. Click on Make Offer


Your offer will then be sent to the training vendor and a confirmation of the offer will be sent to your email address.  Training vendors are not obligated to accept or decline offers, so if you haven't heard back after a couple of days you might try a different offer.


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